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KineticKids Multi-Sports and Mindfulness

KineticKids provides a supportive environment that nurtures children's happiness, health and growth through fun movement and mindfulness classes.

We use games to create enjoyable and age-appropriate activities to plant the seeds for children to want to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

Through play, we assist children to develop mind and body skills that will empower them to cope with challenges and enjoy life's journey.

KineticKids classes are developed by a team of specialists in psychology, exercise, and early childhood development. 


Community class duration is 45 mins. Early childhood education centre class duration is 30 mins. Caregiver/Parents are encouraged to participate with 2-5 year olds. To encourage independence, caregivers/parents are requested to observe only for the 5-12 year group.

Your Child Will:

  • Advance gross motor skill development

  • Learn how to kick, throw, jump, and balance

  • Develop coordination, strength and flexibility

  • Experience a different sport every two weeks 

  • Learn life skills: teamwork and problem solving

  • Enhance concentration and emotion regulation

  • Build confidence and resiliency

  • Develop a growth mindset

  • Have FUN with friends

The Trainers

All our trainers have successfully completed the KineticKids coaching course and are certified KineticKids trainers. They all possess a Working with Children blue card. Our trainers undergo regular professional development to ensure the most current teaching methods are applied to provide fun age appropriate developmental skills to your child.


Community classes: Class prices are $18/lesson with a free trial class for new members (Aspley Only). A 5% price reduction is provided for siblings. 

Childcare classes:  $12/lesson. A 5% discount is provided for siblings.



Please note, payments are non-refundable. For more information please contact us or see our policy page.

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