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You can teach your child to overarm throw in five easy steps

Throwing is an important object-control skill that your child will use in many games and ball sports as they grow. Giving young children plenty of playful opportunities that include overarm throwing allows them to develop confidence with this fundamental movement skill.

Here is an easy way to teach your child to overarm throw.

  1. Ask your child to stand and give you a high five. Do this a few times because it’s fun (and because it practices the high-five motion).

  2. Now ask them to pick up a ball in their high-five hand. Grip the ball with fingers like crocodile teeth.

  3. Get them to point to a target with their other hand and toes.

  4. Take the ball back past their head and lift their elbow up ready to give a high-five.

  5. Do a high-five motion with their hand and throw the ball towards the target.

Once throwing is mastered in a stationary position, ask your child to add a step forward with the foot on the pointing side as they throw (this will assist with good weight transference).

This activity can be made more challenging by adding targets of different sizes, shapes, distances, or heights. Targets can be made with chalk, hoops, ropes, or objects from around the home like a washing basket.

You can also vary the activity by changing the object you throw. For example a ball, beanbag, rolled up socks, or a wet sponge.

For an extra educational bonus, you can ask older children to hit the 1st target once, the 2nd target twice and the 3rd target three times. Or hit the green target 1st, then the yellow target, followed by the red target.

If you would like to discover other age appropriate and fun physical activities that you can do with your child, follow our blog or join us at KineticKids. Register here for a free trial KineticKids class.

Best wishes with your health and wellness journey.

Dr Tamara Street

Mum of two beautiful boys, psychologist, exercise professional, and Director of KineticKids

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